Project period:- 2012 to 2015

Target area: Madhubani and Darbhanga district of Bihar

Target number of SHG : 250 in each block

Project Title:Â

          To enable poor men/women to access financial services through formation of self help groups in manigachi block of Darbhanga district and Andharathari& Phulparas block of Madhubani district of Bihar.

The proposed project will address following issues in the specified blocks :

  1. Poor saving habits of the communities
  2. Access of poor community to the existing government schemes
  3. Addressing credit need of the community
  4. Provides alternate sources for credit need of community
  5. Linkage building between institutional financial service providers and SHGs
  6. Capacity building of farmers.
  7. Empowerment of women to form sustainable village organizations for development.
  8. Linkage with other service providers

Strategy to be adopted: Â

  1. Identification of target beneficiaries:Â In this the first step through the survey potential target beneficiaries will be identified in the katra block of Muzaffarpur district.
  2.  Community mobilization and Formation of groups – The formation of the self help groups, and second step is formation of village organization at village of all SHGs of same village ,

There is several small activity that needs to be performed for the development of the members of the SHG to achieve the objective like developing the habit of meeting, saving. Opening of bank account, Capacity building of the members on leadership, development of bye laws of groups, book keeping, etc.

  1. Capacity building of SHG leaders and members:Â Regular meeting, training, exposure visit on different aspect like importance of By laws. Regular saving and regular inter lending
  2. Bank linkage (Saving/credit): Rapport building with the bankers, bank workshop, proper documentation of the groups, selection of literate members from the groups as leaders, proper inter lending within groups
  3. Communities access to social welfare services:- Enable to community to understand the different social welfare services, to make them understand the process of accessing it and support them in getting it.
  4. Review and reporting: Review of the work done and reporting to the agency on regular quarter basis.

Aga Khan Foundation :-

Project area:- Katra block of Muzaffarpur district

Previous number of Community based Saving group:- 277

Target number of Community based saving group (CBSG):- Â 144

Major focus of this project is to empowering the community and inculcating the habit of service model. The transaction in the group is document less and much emphasis is on maintaining the financial transparency. The key feature of this project is clear cut exit strategy since the inception of the project.


  • Formation of 144 CBSG.
  • Financial Literacy training to the groups.
  • Development of community cadre.
  • Capacity building of community cadre.

Antitrafficking :-

Sakhi is working for the development of the women and girl child. The area of Madhubani , Darbhanga ,Muzaffarpur and Champaran  are the high risk zone of trafficking. These areas act as collection and transit point for the traffickers. Sakhi tried to aware the girls with the support of World education. In the course of 9 months we tried to aware the adolescent girls about the precaution they should take while living in the society. The major breakthrough in Sakhi initiative to aware the community and line departments on the issues of trafficking are with the support of UNODC. Sakhi organized training to police personnel’s and prosecutors in all the districts of Bihar. For the success of this project we formed one network of NGO namely CBATN (Cross Border Anti Trafficking Network) with the support of more than 50 NGO of the state.