Project area:- Babubarhi block of Madhubani district

Target beneficiary:- Fisherwomen members of the community.

Objectives of the project were:

  • To secure entitlements over ponds farmer through their registered cooperative society.
  • Pressurize the relevant authorize in to fisherwomen cooperatives and extending benefits and entitlements provided for in the cooperative act through block and district level network.
  • To optimally raise income levels of fish farmer group through enhanced fisheries and Makhana production.
  • To make hatchery financially sustainable.
  • Develop Sakhi centre in Andhrathari as resource centre for fisheries, agriculture, livestock and training centers for other related issues.
  • Improve household level food security through improve storage arrangement for the period of scarcity during disaster specially food.

Improvement in agricultural practices for better income and employment
Main Activities for achieving the goal/objective were:

  1. Formation of fisheries groups.
  2. Settlement of ponds in the name of members.
  3. Build the capacity to do modern fish farming improving the production to double.
  4. Provide market linkages and link the cooperative with main line financial institutions.
  5. Improving the existing structure and provide the fingerlings and also arrange for marketing if required by the cooperative through the organization.
  6. Promotion of Makhana cultivation, which is dying due to market problems and provide support to women groups for better opportunity.
  7. The organization undertook the above-mentioned activities during the project period and helped the fisherwomen communities to achieve the goal/objectives. The organization facilitated the process of community mobilization and formed fisherwomen groups in all the 13 villages.
  • Base line survey using questionnaires and PRA tools and compilation of the report.
  • Institution building and strengthening : Building of community level organizations (SHGs, block level fisher women cooperatives, federation, identifying and strengthening existing cooperatives)
  • Access to finance: Build capital of the SHGs through cumulative savings, inter loaning and develop strong linkages with the Government for leveraging additional funds and technical support
    • Initiate savings within the group by members and inter loaning amongst the members
    • To enable the SHGs to avail loans from CIF/Bank linkage/schemes of the government
  • Advocacy with government regarding cooperatives, ponds/lake settlements with fisher/dalit community.
    • Study of the issue related with fisheries and Makhna block to state level.
    • Block, district and state level meetings with Government , members of cooperatives and experts.
    • Matching grant/ Revolving fund to fisherwomen / men cooperative.
    • Renovation of Government ponds to be settled with the cooperative society.
    • District and state level workshops for promotion of fisheries as source of livelihood and rights of fisher community
  • Build the capacity to do modern fish farming and makhana farming to improve the production

    • Training in modern/scientific fish farming, prawn culture Â
    • Training in makhana farming
    • Training on composite fish culture.
    • Establishing demonstration ponds.
    • Intra district Exposure visits of SHG/cooperative members
    • Provide necessary technical support to beneficiaries
    • Training on proper marketingÂ
  • Â Development of nursery ponds through beneficiaries to fulfill the demand of fish seed at panchayat level
    • Identification of 10 nursery ponds of two acre (one acre one pond) each per block.
    • Networking with local private hatchery & farmers to make available quality seed  Â
    • Identify beneficiaries for nursery pond management and rearing of fish seed.
    • Training of the beneficiaries for nursery pond management and marketing.
  • Provide market linkages and link the cooperative with main line financial institutions.
    • Credit support to the group with banks/other financial institution for fisheries, Makhna and other productive activities.Â
    • Training in packaging, marketing and transportation of fish.
    • Establishment of permanent marketing outlets at village/block markets
  • Up gradation of Old Hatchery:

    As per the suggestion of Mr. S N Ogale the consultant, in initial years renovation (up gradation) of hatchery will be completed .To increase the brooder quantity expansion of tanks two only is also provisioned.

    • Renovation of hatchery
    • Expansion of brooder pondÂ
  • Pilot project on Prawn culture:

    A pilot project on prawn culture will be initiated in the Andhrathari block as suggested by the consultant Mr. S N Ogale. Quality Prawn seed will be arranged and demonstration pond will be set up at the centre. As prawn is market and remuneration oriented variety of shell fish, feasibility report of pilot project will direct the further step in this direction.

    • Initiation of Pilot project on prawn culture at Andhrathari fish farm
    • Training on Prawn culture
    • Demonstration pond