Our working strategy:-

  1. Organizing community to have access of their needs.
  2. Our target population is deprived section of community specially women and girl children.
  3. We believe in empowering the community.
  4. Development of community level cadre for future sustainability of projects.
  5. Convergence with line department.
  6. Advocacy

Our implementing strategy:-

  1. Analysis of need before implementing the projects.
  2. We believe in following the target according to the set time line.
  3. Implementation of the activity through community participation.
  4. Regular monitoring of the project activity.
  5. Documenting the process for sharing our experience with others.
  6. Try to incorporate the learning’s of the projects in the next proposals.

Our social Strategy:-

  1. Supporting community / line department at the time of crisis.
  2. To support other upcoming NGO.
  3. Support Line department in implementation/ monitoring of the government projects.
  4. Capacity building of PRIs on different issues of social development.
  5. Supporting panchayat in implementation of panchayat activity as well as Gram sabha.