Though formally registered as an NGO in 1999, SAKHI has had a long standing presence in North Bihar as a team involved in coordinating one of the field projects of another NGO ADITHI. This project, initiated with the support of Swiss Red Cross in Andhrathari Block of Madhubani District in 1990, aimed at empowerment of fisherwomen through enabling their access to government ponds on lease, equipping them with technical and managerial skills, providing start up capital support to them and consequently contributing to a steady enhancement in their income levels. Towards this end the critical intervention got to be one of organizing the poor fisherwomen into groups and their registration as a women’s cooperative society. As a support service to these women, the components of health and education were also included with the former focusing on reproductive and child health and the latter on education of girl children in the age group of 6-14 through running of non formal education centers. The quality of work carried out in the fisherwoments community brought the project under increasing demand from other communities, particularly the dalits, for extension of similar support to their hamlets; thus obliging the organization to bring these deprived communities as well under its coverage.

In line with ADITHI’s institutional policy of registering all its long-term projects in the various districts of Bihar as independently registered organizational entities, the Andhrathari project was registered as an independent organizational entity named `SAKHI’ in the year 1999.


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Summary Organisation Profile – SAKHI

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 SAKHI 80G Certificate pdf

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sakhi Registration Copy PDF

Name of organization: SAKHI
Contact person: SUMAN SINGH
Address: Registered office:
Matsya Nagar, Bhagwatipur
P. O. Rudrapur, Via:  Andhra Thari,
Dist. :“ Madhubani – 847403,
State-Bihar, INDIA

Administrative Office:

Arpana Bank Colony, Phase- II
Ramjaipal Road, P.O- Danapur Cant,
New Baily Road, Patna-801503

Cell No. – 9431021204, 9931449110  City : Madhubani Country : India
E-mail :,

Registration details:
Place of Registration: Patna
Registration Number: 172
Act Under which registered: Societies Registration Act 21, 1860
Date of registration: 17 – 02 -1999
Details of Exemption 12A :
Registration Number: 12A/2001-02/3939-41
Act Under which registered: Income Tax Act 12A, 1961
Date of registration: 01-04-2000.
Serial Number: 20
Details of Exemption 80 G :
Registration Number 80G (5) / 2006-07 / 1476-77
Act Under which registered Income Tax Act 80G (5), 1961
Date of registration 01-04-2006
FCRA Number. 031290052
Date of registration 17-02-1999 (Valid upto 31-10-2021)
Bank Details:
FCRA Account 10748960273
SBI, Boring Road,
General Accounts 10748960284
SBI, Boring Road, Patna
387010100054348, Axis Bank,
Boring Road Patna
ICICI Bank, Raja Bazaar, Patna
102403, 10204,103719 Allahabad Bank Nanaur,
PO Nanaur,Jhanjharpur,Madhubani


Assets more than Rs 25 lakhsinclude land, FishhatcheryBuilding) training centers and offices building) has been received as donation to Sakhi by Adithi. Assets more than Rs 10 lakhs (including land and new training centre) in the name of SAKHI