Upcoming Event 

                                               October  2017

  Water Aid:- JSCF

  1. Community mobilisation WASH at flood effected area. 
  2.  Water quality test using H2S vile .
  3. Water source cleaning using bleaching powder .
  4. Awareness Generation on sanitation & hygiene.
  5. Formation and capacity building  of VWSC in all working block.
  6. Capacity building of volunteers.
  7. Meeting with school management committee  on school WASH issues.
  8. Liaoning with line department


  1. Collective meeting
  2. Capacity building on paddy management


  1. Group meeting
  2. Capacity building on paddy management
  3. FGD

Child line:- Chile line foundation

  1. Interpersonal communication.
  2. Mobile testing
  3. School program
  4. Community meeting

Short stay home:- (women development corporation)

  1. Counseling of women & girls.
  2. Life skill training
  3. Safe shelter

Sakhi resource center:-Sakhi

  1. Supporting fish farmers with good quality fish seed.

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